Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Money I Made Last Month

Here is the amount of money I made online last month from each of the companies. I am VERY HAPPY with the results.

Cashcrate: $161.47
Vindale: $154.00
TreasureTrooper: $73.29
GangsterGreed: $38.92
Paypal Money Market: $8.23
Google Adsense: $27.84
inboxdollars: $26.19
youractionspay: $23.81
Scottrade: $22.71

Thats a total of $536.46. The best part is that I spent about 30 hours making this money. That is around $17/hr. Some of them like Paypal Money Market, Google Adsense, and the stockmarket through Scottrade, I spent hardly anytime on. One company that surprised me was Vindale. I spent about 7 hours there and I made $142 dollars. If I can do it you can too. I am eighteen years old, go to school, and have a part time job and still can make about $500 a month. Thank you for reading and go out there and make some money. :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Make Money Online With Cashcrate

I have found an amazing website here you can make some extra money. The best thing is that it is 100% FREE. You can make over 25 dollars per hour through this website.

If you want to get some extra money this is definitely a good way to do it.

You can work anytime you want and its all off the computer.

There are many ways in which you can make money online. You can do a daily surveys, refer people, or complete offers. The offers payout range is from 25 cents to 20 dollars. There are over 175 offers in which you can participate in. Once you reach the $10 mark you can be paid. They pay you monthly and your check usually comes in around the middle of the next month.

The website is very clean and easy to use. No annoying ads anywhere. You are taken step by step through the website. Plus it has a forum that you can go to if you need help with anything or want to know more on how to use cashcrate.

Cashcrate also has a point system. Some offers you do and complete will give you points in which you can use to get prizes at the prize shop. Some of them include gift cards from Amazon, Star bucks, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Target, Home and Home Depot. You also have a chance to get a Ipod Shuffle, PSP, or and Xbox 360.

Cashcrate is a Get-Paid-To site also known as a GPT. GPT sites pay you to fill out surveys and complete offers. There are many GPT sites but the best one I think by far is cashcrate.

To All My Referrals

By being my referral you will receive hints and tips from me by messaging me through cashcrate. You will also be illegible for competitions that I run.

I will be running a competition for all of my referrals. The one who makes the highest for that month will receive 15% of what they made in that month from me. This means that for every dollar you make you will receive an extra 15 cents.

I will also tell you about a program that can cut your survey taking time by as much as 25%

Click Here to go to cashcrate homepage and get started.

Here Is Some Helpful Tips

Get a different email address Create another email address to use so that your regular email address won't get all the junk email. You can get free email accounts at Gmail. Another good website is hotmail.

Use Tab Button Using the tab button will greatly increase the speed in which you finish surveys.

Delete Cookies Deleting cookies after each freebie offer will greatly increase the approval rating.

Another Great Way To Make Money

Another Great Way to make money online is through TreasureTrooper. It is a more laid back website where you get to go on treasure hunts and can play mini games. You can do daily surveys to make money just like on cashcrate. You can also trade in your gold that you get from doing surveys in for stuff at Mabutu's Trading Hut.

Here Are Some Items You can Get At Matubu's Trading Hut

Treasure Hunt Tickets
Treasure Map Fragments
Pearl Bracelet
Bumper Sticker
$20 Amazon Gift Certificate
$50 Dollar Visa Card
Ipod Nano
Xbox 360
If you want to join treasuretrooper click here.